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Plan to attend the WKCA Annual Meeting, December 6th

Supervisor Pat Herrity is our guest Speaker

Mark your calendar for the Annual Meeting to be held on Wednesday, December 6th, 7:00 PM at the Orange Hunt Elementary School Cafeteria.  Our agenda will include Comments by Pat Herrity, election of officers, adoption of the 2017 budget, and other items.  We need a quorum of 5% or more of the general members to transact business, I truly hope you plan on attending.  If you cannot attend, please give your proxy to a neighbor or board member to vote on your behalf.  


                                                    MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT     

 Dear residents now that summer is over and school has started, we at WKCA are getting ready for our fall activities.  Hopefully you will be able to attend and enjoy one or more of our sponsored events. The Civic Association is in the process of establishing a new website that will be user friendly and enable individuals to update their data electronically, plus other new features.  In the meantime please bear with us and you can still go to the old website for updates.  We anticipate to have the new website up and running by mid-November. We are also reviving the neighborhood watch, headed up by Keli Jacewitz, so stand by for her to contact you for support.  I would like to thank those who both supported and participated in the spring and summer events.  As usual, Cub Scout Pack 685 is always there to help with whatever we need, the May Cleanup and Dumpster Day was an outstanding success. The dumpster was filled and hauled away by 11 AM.  Also, thanks to Alan / Terri Perry for keeping our sign area weeded and planted with beautiful flowers and shrubbery. In other events, we had over 250 families utilized the WKCA and Orange Hunt Community Large Item Pick-Up and shredder Day. And last, but not least, was our annual 4th of July Parade and Ice Cream Social, the pictures and write up are on the front page. Unfortunately, our WKCA Membership Appreciation Picnic at Hanks Place was cancelled due to inclement weather. The WKCA can only continue to provide the services, events and activities through the continued membership of our Winston Knolls residents, both owners and those renting in the community, dues are $20.00 yearly.


See Below What Your Dues Pay For


Knolls News Printed at least quarterly, providing information on WKCA activities, home improvement tips, committee reports, neighborhood news, and more!

Neighborhood Directory – An excellent resource is published biennially.  2017 is the next printing.  Keeping our data base current is a must.

Social Events – Sponsoring events like the 4th of July Parade/Ice Cream Social, Halloween Parade and Party, Community Picnic, and more.

Service - Twice a year HOA and WKCA Dumpster Day, Twice a year Orange Hunt & WKCA Large pick up saves you the time and effort of going to the dump or paying your trash service $75 for a special pickup, Twice a year Orange Hunt & WKCA community yard sale.

WKCA sponsors Cub Scout Pack 685

Advocacy – Gathering information on issues of importance to WK residents, sharing it, gathering input, and representing the community as appropriate

Beautification – Sponsoring Cleanup Day in the spring, planting scrubs/flowers, fund ~$2,200.00 dollars annually for the mowing of Huntsman median sidewalks, and sign area throughout the spring/summer to keep up property values in the community.

WKCA Website and Email Updates – Check out – offering 24/7 access to neighborhood resources and information

Neighborhood Watch – Working with local authorities and looking out for each other. 

* Residents may join anytime throughout the year, but the annual membership drive runs from March - May each year.  







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