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The Rolling Valley Section 8-D Homeowners Association represents the 191 homes that consitute Winston Knolls II.  The HOA has a representative on the WK Civic Association board so that we may ensure a timely flow of information between, and coordinate activities of, the two organizations.  Click here to go directly to the HOA website.  

Relationship between the WKII HOA and the WKCA: During several conversations I have had with our residents during the membership drive, there seems to be a little confusion to what the Rolling Valley Section 8-D Homeowners Association (WKII HOA) is responsible for and what the Civic Association does. The WKCA was established in 1975 as a non-profit organization to promote the common interests of the Winston Knolls community (approximately 489 homes).  Membership for the WKCA is purely voluntary, some 315 homes or 64 percent of total homes are members for 2014. Annual dues have been a very modest $15.00 since 2008. Its website is The establishment of the WKII HOA, a total of 191  homes constituting Winston Knolls II, was mandated by Virginia law because WKII owns three parcels of common land.  A description and detailed map can be found at, identifying the 191 homes and the parcels of common land. Membership is mandatory for these homes with the annual dues voted on by the HOA Board of Directors. The current HOA President is Dennis Kurre.  Please visit the website for the HOA Officers, Board members and other information. The primary expenditures of the HOA are liability insurance, mowing portions of the common land, and periodic removal of trees that are identified by professionals as an unacceptable risk for falling on neighboring homes. The HOA is also responsible for declarations and covenants enforcement and home re- sale/disclosure documents. The HOA and the WKCA continually explore opportunities for joint sponsorship of activities that are consistent with their respective missions. For example, the HOA and the WKCA sponsor twice a year Dumpster Day, providing Winston Knoll resident’s disposal of trash and debris for Spring and Fall clean-up and maintains an active dialogue between the WKCA and HOA Board members for the betterment of the community.


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