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2013 - a credit to the oversight and labor of love by Terri and Alan Perry, with the support of the Winston Knolls Civic Association, volunteers and donations -- Beautiful!

March 12, 2008 UPDATE - Work complete!

                                 March 12, 2008

The sign lettering has been attached and the construction of the sign is now complete!  Thanks go out to the Sign Committee for their work in completing this final step - acquiring the letters and seeking installation quotes - Dudley Shugart, Jeff Kligman and Silvia Nutbrown.  You'll notice a nice feature is that the letter positioning provides space for sitting on the bench without leaning against the lettering, which could damage them. Now, we move on to the beautification of the sign area and your help is welcome as we plan and execute a landscaping plan and maintain that area in keeping with our agreement with the County.  Volunteers are needed for mowing and for ongoing planning, planting and weeding.  Please get in touch with Alan and Terri Perry to offer your ideas, labor, and support at

February 15 UPDATE - Nearing completion!

Feb 2008 - Almost there!February 2008

Completion of the Winston Knolls sign project is on the horizon! Construction of the sign itself is now complete, but we must wait for several weeks more for the concrete to cure before we can attach the letters.  The black silt fence was removed following county inspections.  Many thanks to Ed and Sharon Linz for their yeoman work to lay down the mulch and get rid of the unsightly silt fence!

It's been a long road to this point, but if you care to learn more about the process, the information is here to view.  To read the Park Authority board item which describes the history of the project click here.   To read a recap of the project status provided by Jennifer Heinz, WKCA President, at the January 10 meeting, click here.  To view a drawing of the sign, click here.  If you review those documents first, that information will help put into context the actions taken at the General Meeting described below.


On January 10, 2008 a general meeting was held for the association members to consider WKCA entering into an agreement with the Fairfax County Park Authority for the ongoing maintenance and care of the sign and the surrounding area.  As well, the members reviewed the Park Authority Construction Permit, which detailed the terms under which construction could be completed on Park Authority property.  Finally, the members considered changes to the budget that included: addition of $311/year for general liability insurance; adjusting the sign project line item to remove $607 from the budget for sign lettering (it had been approved as a 2008 expenditure but was purchased in 2007), and add $239 for permit fees; and finally, changing the line item for Miscellaneous Administrative Expenses from $500 to $300.  In a unanimous vote of the members (62 member households voting in person or by proxy), the Sign Maintenance Agreement was approved with 2 contingencies (explained below), the Building Permit was approved, and the budget was amended as noted above. 

The Sign Maintenance Agreement can be viewed by clicking here.  The motion to approve the agreement authorized the WKCA President to sign the Agreement contingent upon the officers satisfactory review of the executed contract with the masonry company, and upon confirmation with the masonry company that the adaptations in the sign drawing that now incorporate a bench feature necessary to get county approval, would not necessitate coming back to the membership for a vote to further amend the budget.

Following the meeting, the former president of the WKCA was asked to provide all files, documents  and financial records related to the sign project, including an executed copy of the contract, for review by the board officers.  An executed contract could not be produced, but, inasmuchas it has been determined upon meeting with the contractor on 1/12 that the contract must be changed anyway to incorporate changes in the plan drawings, the contractor has prepared an updated contract to be executed before the Sign Maintenance Agreement is signed.   As for the second contingency, it appears that there will be no additional cost related to the new bench feature of the sign, as it can be incorporated without dropping any additonal footings.

Post Meeting Update on Jan 17, 2008: The mason contractor and association president Jennifer Heinz have executed an updated contract for the sign project.  Some aspects of the contract were amended relative to the "bench" component, and the contract now provides for a five-year warranty on workmanship (the original did not have warranty language in the contract).  The cost is the same as the previous contract except for the addition of an optional item costing $100 - filling the concrete block to create a barrier to moisture intrusion and a more solid structure.  Upon finalizing the contract, the president then executed the Sign Maintenance Agreement and the Park Authority Construction Permit at the Park Authority office.  Construction may now proceed as soon as weather conditions permit.


There are a number of county staff and officials who have provided the highest level of constituent and customer service to our sign committee and others involved in this project.  They helped us navigate the process of getting permits and approvals and were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.  It would not have been possible to get to this point without their assistance.  Of particular note are: Supervisors McConnell and Herrity and Legislative Aide Peyton Onks, Michael Congleton in Zoning Administration, and Kay Rutledge and Gary Best of the Park Authority.  Our sincere appreciation for their unending patience and concerted efforts to expedite this process.  As well, our thanks to the Fairfax County Park Authority Board for approving the construction of this sign on Park property.  Our pro bono architect, Jason Bryan, has also earned our thanks for providing a beautiful design, and adapting it as necessary and providing revised drawings.

It is important to note that this project has wide support throughout the Winston Knolls community, and the board is working with the sign committee to bring this project to fruition as soon as possible; but with the attention to detail that will ensure the project is completed with all necessary steps taken.  Already in the works are plans to create a Sign Maintenance and Landscaping Committee to oversee and plan the ongoing beautification of that area - and we have high hopes that our Cleanup Day in the spring will be a kick-off for the sign area landscaping efforts. We hope you will get involved in that effort! Watch this site for more information on our beautification program!

December 2007 - Pile of block

October to December 2007 - A pile of block

Jan 2007 - Freshly minted

January 2008 - Freshly minted

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