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What is Neighborhood Watch?


Whether you know it or not, the WK Neighborhood Watch program and volunteers are working for YOU. This has been an extremely successful program over the years thanks to our neighbors that do one patrol a year.
What is the Neighborhood Watch Program? Simply put, its neighbors watching out for each other’s property and we have been doing it since 1979 in cooperation with the Fairfax County Police Dept. In our community it is members working on Friday and Saturday evenings between 9:00pm and 12:00 midnight to provide a mobile PATROL in the neighborhood to report any suspicious activity to the police, the owner(s) at the address of the activity, or both. The team logs time, location, and notes of events in their log.
How is my Watch assignment scheduled?  In 2011 we are scheduling by actual on-line sign of volunteers with automatic e-mail confirmation and reminders via a web site application. To view the Watch Calendar and sign-up  calendar for open dates and assignments use Watch Schedule button above.  The Watch Coordinator will coordinate transfer of the Watch Bag, contact team to sign-up, take questions, reports and volunteers by phone.
What does the Patrol do? The Patrol is normally a team of two, a driver and a Base person. That can be 2 people who wish to serve together, such as a husband and wife, 2 neighbors, or a parent and responsible teenage son or daughter, etc. (This is a great way to get some service hours for school, scouts or youth groups!) Volunteers can also be paired up and get to know someone new. The Patrol Base picks up the Watch Bag prior to the patrol from the previous (Friday Night’s) Patrol Team or the Watch Coordinator. The Watch Bag contains the team materials – maps, clipboard, spotlight, signs for the car, log forms.  The Patrol then drives the neighborhood, making calls as needed for open garage doors and recording event(s) on patrol log. Most patrols are routine, but in the event of real emergency the Patrol should first call 911, then record in the log any details they can obtain from a safe distance. WE DO NOT GET OUT OF VEHICLE OR CONFRONT ANYONE. Your role as a Patrol is simply to call in suspicious activity to the police, who are experienced in this field.   At the end of the Patrol the base member returns all materials to the Watch Bag and exchanges with the Saturday Night Patrol or the Watch Chairman if you are serving on Saturday.
How can I help? Volunteer to serve of course. It is your property and that of your neighbor’s that you’re protecting. It is great way to meet and talk with new neighbors while working together. And as some who take December dates say, “Wonderful evening is checking out the Christmas decorations.” You can sign up to volunteer at or address questions to the Watch Coordinator at

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