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 June 22, 2010 - Vehicle break-in suspect caught - an update 
Report from WS Police: Detective Loesch (1) that a white, male (Paul Price) has been charged with 12 counts to date. He is from the Springfield community, but not Winston Knolls. Officers responding to calls about a suspicious person and a person running through yard with backpack on May 5th  spotted  a person, who tossed the backpack and ran. Officers, assisted by K-9’s and helicopter, were able to track and capture the person in a wooded area. The culprit with his lawyer has continued the case until late August or maybe September.
Some citizens property has been returned, others will have to wait until some evidence hearing is completed before able to reclaim their property. Thanks to citizen’s calls and reports that identified their missing property the police are able to charge this thief with two counts by law – one for vehicle entry and second for taking something from a vehicle. Whether a charge is misdemeanor or felony depends on the property value. If you were one of those with items take from your vehicles in April to 5 May and have not reported the theft to the detective you may wish to so (detective noted still has pair of sunglasses that can be released) . You may recover your property and may be able to add additional charges to hold this man accountable. The detective’s number is below (1)
Our thanks to Detective Loesh(1) and Officer Frey(2) for serving and informing our community.
 (1) Detective J. Loesch from the West Springfield Criminal Investigations Section Ph: (703-644-5047 x2238).
Summer 2009 - Musical trashcans 
Vandals have taken to pushing the trash barrels down the street with their car(s), precipitating a rash of missing barrels. We've been able to retrun all back to their owners or the trash company. You may want to write down your barrel ID number so you can identify yours if it goes missing. Some trash services have charged to replace your trash barrel.
Your Neighborhood Watch Patrols have reported seeing foxes over the years, but this year there appears to be an abundance of them in our community, having been spotted on Rockefeller, Rural Plains, Arley and Tailcoat Court.  recently. Several have called the Fairfax Animal Control unit to report their sightings and concern.  The Animal Control response is that they do not get involved in normal fox activity but only when the fox appears to be sick or is acting unusual or out of character - such as wandering aimlessly as if in a "drunken stupor," or if aggressively moving toward anything and everything.   If you observe such behavior, this could be a rabid animal, so you should call Animal Control immediately.  Otherwise, they refer you to Pest Control services.
May 2008 - Outdoor faucet tampering
Recently, neighbors on Arley Drive heard water running but could find no inside water use going on at the time. Upon checking the outside faucets, they found that the faucet at the front of the house had been turned on and left running. They found it in time to avoid any damage or much water waste, but things could have been much different had they been away from home. It might be a good idea if we all get in the habit of turning off the main water valve in our houses when we expect to be away from home for a weekend or more. Also if anyone sees a neighbor’s water running for no apparent reason, please turn it off or alert them to the fact that the faucet is on.
On July 20 a vehicle was broken into and a GPS unit stolen. All who park on the street or in the drivewayshould not leave  valuable items in their car or at least not in  view of those passing. The police advise that we always remove the visible evidence of a GPS unit when parked in any public areas.

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